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In 1975 did some cute little chubby foam teddy bears with chocolate on their arrival in Norway. Skumbamseme named Bamsemums, and with them was a completely new form of eating, called mumsing introduced.

Teddies fell rapidly in taste among Norwegians. Perhaps due it solely the good taste of foam and chocolate. We Nidar think however that Bamsemums besides downright charmed us Northerners in lowering their sweet and friendly demeanor. Almost like we Bamsemums, that today we mums in the US over 60 million foam teddy bears each year.

Chocolate Bears that must mums

Bamsemums is in the good mood service and has over time created many pleasures in different situations. Creeping into Bamsemumsens's arms, for comfort, joy, mood, cuddle or reward!

The cute foam teddies'd rather just be kind, social and humorous teddy bears. Wanting to be eaten - yes, they more or less begging to be eaten!

A teddy bear comes into the world...

A real Bamsemums becomes as follows: First, foam Bruin team. Bamsemumsen gets her chubby teddy bear shaped by the special foam mixture is poured into small teddy bear shapes in cornstarch. Then the rest and dry for two days. On Nidar factory in Trondheim will Bamsemums serviced well with! Maize flour from the mold is brushed and blown away and chubby foam teddies get a bright sjokoladebad before they are ready to be cooled. When the chocolate coating has solidified and enclosing foamed perfect, get teddies jump into the bags together with the other Bamsemumsene. Here they spend some time together, before they finally arrive in the arms of someone who wants real bamsekos.


Sugar, water glucose syrup, sorbitol, milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, invert sugar, gelatine, soy lecithin, salt, and flavorings. May contain traces of nuts and almonds.


Protect from heat. 

Skumbamsenes History

Since the original Bamsemumsen came in 1975, several other varieties of Bamsemums emerged. The first was launched in 1991, when Bamsemums Foam and Gel entered the market. In 2004 came Bamsemums Banana, with banana flavor and dark chocolate, and the summer of 2005 we were able to mums in us Bamsemums Raspberry. All the new varieties were well received all but while new teddy bears have come and gone, Bamsemums Original favorite that has passed.

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