icon-faq-shipping.png Shipping FAQ's

What will my shipping costs be?  Shipping costs vary depending on the items selected, type of destination, size and weight of the package. Our web cart provides shipping prices during the check out process so you will be able to see them before you complete your order.

What do I do if an item arrives damaged?  The best practice is to take a picture of the damaged item and any damage to the package, and then email that to us at, along with your name, order number, and the best way to contact you. Items damaged during shipment can be claimed through FedEx with your receipt and tracking number. We take damaged items on a case-by-case basis and remedy the shipment at our discretion. That may mean a refund, replacement product or other agreement.

What do I do if I receive the wrong item?  Get in touch with us immediately! Unfortunately this happens sometimes and typically we will ship the correct item right away. In some instances we may be out of stock on that item, and make other arrangements including a substitute item, or even a refund. Please make sure to take a picture of the wrong item and email it to us at

How long will it take for my order to arrive?  Shipping times vary depending on the shipping method you select and distance your order is shipped. Currently we have one pick up per week day in the early afternoon, and including some time for processing, you can expect your order to leave within 24 hours of placing your order, excluding weekends. Most destinations within the USA are 3 - 5 days by Ground. There are exceptions for weather and sometimes perishable products, depending on how long we expect the shipment to take.

Why is there an additional charge for perishable shipments?  Because we price our products competitively, we must add an extra fee for shipping perishable items. These packages are shipped in a Styrofoam container with ice packs, and the extra fee is to help with those additional costs. We may at our discretion change the packaging for items that might be less perishable or during the Winter months, and for that, reduce the fee.

Do you ship to other countries?  Not at the present time.

This is a gift, do you include prices on your packing slip?  No, the packing slip only includes a list of what products are in the package, the address we are shipping to, and who the gift is from. No prices are included in your package’s shipment.

Additional Shipping Information:  Please refer to our Shipping Policy for additional details.

 icon-faq-ordering.png Ordering FAQ's

Do you have a printed catalog?  No. We have over 15,000 products and add additional products almost every day. A printed catalog is obsolete the day it is printed. Also, printed catalogs are environmentally wasteful.

Do I have to have an account to place an order?  You may create an account or check out as a guest. Creating an account allows you to check your order status, save wish lists, and easy re-ordering.

I am looking for a specific product that is not on your web site. Can you get it for me?  We build our inventory based on customer requests. You may email the store at and we will get back to you with availability of the product. Many items are difficult or impossible to obtain due to the varying import regulations between countries, as well as supply and demand.

Can I cancel my order?  In most cases yes, unless your order has already been shipped.

Can I place my order by telephone?  Yes. Many customers do not feel comfortable entering payment information online and prefer to call. Keep in mind that we cannot give an exact shipping quote as our web cart provides. Please note that web cart orders are encrypted and typically more secure than ordering by telephone, since telephone orders must be written down for later entry. This means that although we keep your information in a safe area and shred it after completing the transaction, it is in hard copy for a period of time within the store. The most secure way to order is via our encrypted web portal.

To place an order by telephone, just call 888-728-0837 and speak with one of our staff! If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave a complete message so we can get back to you ASAP. 

icon-over21-alcohol.png Alcohol FAQ's

Can you ship beer or wine to my state?  That depends on your state's laws. Many states allow direct shipment of products containing alcohol, and some do not. We keep a list and update it when we learn that a state has changed their applicable laws — see our current list of states we ship to. Our web cart will also notify you during checkout if you try to order beer or wine for delivery to a state that does not allow it.

Does someone have to be there to sign for it?   Yes! Adult Shipping requires an Adult Signature on delivery. The delivery driver cannot deliver to a person that is intoxicated, and no signature release, driver release, or indirect delivery allowed. You can opt to have your order shipped to a business, work, or even to a FedEx Station to be held for pickup.


I have checked my bank statement online. Why are there two charges on my account?  The first transaction is the authorization to your credit card and should disappear within a few business days, depending on your bank's policies. The second transaction is the actual charge to your card and that is the only money we have taken from your account. The banking system is set up so that the authorization can stay in a pending status even after the money has been deducted. Unfortunately, we have no control over this situation with the banks.

When do you process payment?  When your package is ready to be shipped, we process the transaction. We cannot actually charge your card until we ship your order. That is why you are given an estimated total at checkout. You are only charged for the exact cost of shipping and the exact amount of products you ordered. Sometimes, we may not have the product you ordered due to inaccuracies in the inventory so we can’t charge you for what was not shipped to you, or we may have added items to your order by your request.

How do I get a refund?  If we determine that you are due a refund we may attempt the refund without further communication. It is possible that we cannot due to payment information being encrypted, and in such cases, we will ask you to call into the store at your convenience to process it over the telephone.


Do you share my personal information?  No! We will never share any customer information with anyone or any business unless it pertains to a legal matter or is needed for shipping purposes.

Do you share my email address?  No! We will never share any customer email address with anyone or any business unless it pertains to a legal matter, or is needed for shipping purposes.

Do you use cookies?  Yes! Cookies are an integral part of the web cart experience, which is why you see what you see when you log in and use our site. We receive and store certain data elements whenever you log on to our web site. Like many web sites, we use cookies and obtain browser information like referring pages and browser brand and version. We also timestamp the date and time of your visit, as well as record your IP address.