open-face-sandwich-lox.jpgDanish Rugbrød is a staple lunch food, as the base bread for open faced sandwiches. Open faced sandwiches are typically eaten topped with cold or warm fish and meats, cheese or any other cold cut.

All-rye breads may have very long keeping times, measured in months or longer, and are popular as storage rations, long boat trips and outdoors expeditions. The addition of wheat flour will shorten the longevity of rye bread due to the higher moisture and gluten content.

Traditional German Pumpernickel contains no coloring agents, instead relying on the Maillard reaction to produce its characteristic deep brown color, sweet, dark chocolate, coffee flavor, and earthy aroma. To achieve this, loaves are baked in long narrow lidded pans 16 to 24 hours in a low-temperature (about 120 °C or 250 °F), steam-filled oven.

In the Netherlands, roggebrood, has been a common part of the diet for centuries.Rye and pumpernickel breads are pre sliced very thin because of their density, sometimes only a few millimeters thick, and in small (approximately) 500g packages or tubs.