About Us

The Marina Market is located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo, Washington and is committed to bringing the largest selection of Scandinavian, European, and Dutch foods to Western Puget Sound and the Internet. When questioned by Ray Miller, staff writer for "The Kitsap Sun", Mossen Habbestad said, "This store has been an answer to our prayers. I miss the foods I grew up eating. They stock so many Norwegian foods, I can't believe it."

Jonathan and Andrea Rowe started the Marina Market in May of 1998 in response to significant local demand. The original location for the store was on the Wharf, an over 100 year-old pier, at the Port of Poulsbo. Due to growing business, the store has been relocated to the center of downtown Poulsbo, still a mere block from the picturesque waterfront, and into a larger facility.

Now home of the Licorice Shrine with over 500 licorices, 1000+ Craft Beers, and boasting over 350 top quality chocolates, the Marina Market has become a magnet for both the adventurous seeking new experiences and those looking for a taste of home. We pride ourselves on responding to customer requests, researching new products and sources, and providing the best selection of import foods to our valued customers.


The Marina Market recently upgraded all the store lighting from a mixture of T-12 and incandescent spot lamps to all T-8 and by doing so we are now getting more light for less energy used. We were able to accomplish this through a team effort utilizing a retrofit grant from Puget Sound Energy. We also are migrating to all LED lighting for our refrigeration units, which not only saves energy, but reduces light damage on product significantly.

We recycle used cardboard boxes. Our store receives product in cardboard boxes daily and we will reuse them to ship out customer orders. This lowers the amount of cardboard we have to take to the recycling center, decreasing cardboard waste, the number of trips we make, and the fuel used to make them. So while your order may not come in a brand new box, we make every effort to ensure that the product arrives in excellent condition and we feel that reusing boxes lowers our impact on the environment.

While this slightly increases our labor cost in handling boxes, we believe this is the best we can do in regards to the heaps of cardboard that flow through our business. When our volume increases beyond what we can reclaim from within our operation, we will use shipping containers made from 100% recycled material.

We utilize reusable bags as well as Oxo-Biodegradable & 100% Recyclable plastic shopping bags that fully break down within 2 years of use.