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Crispy Snacks Covered with Chocolate!

Smash! is a unique Norwegian invention consisting of salted corn cores covered by Nidar's milk chocolate. This combination of salt & sweet, light &crisp is, as far as we know, the only one of its kind in the world

Smash! started its life modestly in 1988, as a favorite of a chosen few. However, it did not take many years for the relatively unknown product to become a big hit. Now Norwegians consume approx. 250 million pieces of Smash! every year. We believe this is related to the fact that once you start eating Smash!, it is hard to stop!

The salty snack and chocolate complement each other, making Smash! a product that just tastes so very good. If you take one, you just have to take another and another and another... 

Several studies from Norway show however that Smash! is for young people. 4 out of 10 Norwegian youths say that they often crave something salty when eating something sweet. 32 % claim that they often eat salty snacks and chocolate at the same time. Thorough research in Finland shows that there also is a big potential for a salty-sweet snacks there. Norwegian and Finnish youths seem to have incredibly similar taste buds.

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Milk Chocolate
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