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Lübeck superior marzipan loaves

What distinguishes 'Lübeck marzipan'? The basic elements of marzipan products are marzipan paste and sugar. It is the ratio of these raw materials which primarily determines the flavor.

Legislation permits products marketed under the designation marzipan to have a ratio as low as 50 parts marzipan paste to 50 parts sugar.

We Lübeckers are by no means satisfied with this quality requirement! We have always produced and refined Lübeck marzipan with a higher proportion of almonds, for use in our traditional recipes based on the highest quality ingredients.

We thus distinguish between:

  • Lübeck marzipan, with a ratio of at least 70 parts marzipan paste and 30 parts sugar, and

  • Lübeck fine marzipan, with a ratio of 90 parts marzipan paste and 10 parts sugar.

This basic formula has been specified in writing in a regulation of the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification. In addition, our little 'secret' has been combined with this basic formula.

Since July 1996, Lübeck marzipan has been registered in the gazette of the European Union as a 'protected designation of geographical origin'.


Superior Luebeck marzipan (84%) covered in plain chocolate (18%). Ground almonds (40%), sugar, cocoa mass, water, cocoa butter, emulsifier:; lecithins, humectant: invertase. May contain other tree nuts, gluten, soya, and milk.


Protect from heat.

The CARSTENS LÜBECKER MARZIPAN company was founded in 1845 in the old Hanseatic city of Lübeck, famous throughout the world for its marzipan. Considered the bastion of high quality, Carstens is considered the World's Best Marzipan. Careful selection of ingredients and a process perfected over many years, brings us a truly brilliant treat.

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