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Venco topdrop (top of drops) holds what its name promisses: topdrop is top of licorice drops. Conveniently packed in a roll you can easily take Venco top of drops with you in the car or store them in your desk at work. With Venco top of drops you'll always have some licorice drops at hand. When work is piling up on your desk or when you're stuck in a traffic jam a refreshing Venco top of drops will get you through. Venco top of drops aren't too soft, but you may still bite on them. They are definitely best when sucked at. When you taste the high quality licorice juice contained in these drops while it's gently dripping in your mouth nothing is going to knock you over. A perfect allday licorice like Venco top of drops has caused the high reputation of the factory everywhere in the world. Even in England, the world's leading licorice producing country, Venco has established its reputation.

Founded in 1890 in Amsterdam by Gerrit van Voornveld the factory soon captured a central position in the market. During the 1890s an influenza epidemic caused a tremendous increase of the demand for cough surpressing licorice. Van Voornveld's licorice recipe proved to be the perfect remedy against an aching throat and lyrax. At the beginning of the new century, the licorice factory was taken over and the new owners renamed it in Venco (Voornveld and Companions). The new name was a tribute to the founder of the company. After 1945 in the wake of the fusion between Venco and Red Band the factory moved to Roosendaal. Today Venco is a leading licorice brand in the Netherlands which becomes increasingly popular abroad!


Sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, licorice root extract, gelatin, salmiak melado, vegetable oil, salt, anise oil, glazing agent (beeswax), wheat flour.


Store in a cool dry place.

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