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You make the best oil balls yourself. Koopmans Oliebollen has been number 1 with many people for years and we are happy to give you tips for baking oliebollen. Our oliebollen mix contains baker's yeast, which makes the oliebollen batter rise well and become nice and airy. All you have to do is add water and possibly raisins, let it rise and bake!

A pack of Koopmans Oliebollen is enough for 20 to 25 oliebollen. Enjoy your own fried oliebol with a crispy crust and soft inside. Are you going to bake for the first time or are you curious about how to bake the perfect oliebol? First view the handy baking film on our website!


WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, WHEY POWDER, starch mixture (potato starch, WHEAT STARCH), salt, 1.2% dried yeast, May contain (EGG).


1) Soak raisins in lukewarm water for app. 15 mins. 2) Put mix in mixing bowl (no more than 3 pkgs. at the time. 3) Mix water, oliebollenmix with spoon or mixer with dough hooks to a smooth mixture. 4) Add raisins/currants 5) Let mixture proof for app. 45 mins at room temperature (same time for multiple packages) 6) Heat oil to 190C/350F. 7) Use two spoons or icecream scoop to make the "oliebollen" 8) Fry 3-4 mins., drain in strainer or on paper towel. Serve with icing sugar. Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, whey powder, modified potato starch, salt, yeast. 1pkg. makes 20-25 oliebollen.

Try the Van Gilse Poedersuiker (no melt icing sugar) for best results! To make "appelflappen" (apple beignets) you need: 100g. Koopmans Oliebollenmix, 150ml. milk, 4 apples, 30g. sugar, 2 tspns.cinnamon and oil. Peel apples and remove core. Cut apples in 4-5 slices and dry them off. Put Oliebollenmix in mixing bowl, add milk and stir until smooth. Press both sides of the apple slices in the sugar and cinnamon. Put the sugared apple slices through dough mixture one at the time and fry them in oil (190C). Drain in strainer or on paper towel. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Store in a cool dry place.

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