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Vestlands Lefse

Also know as 'Viking Bread'. The dry, flat Lefse are not wrapped in plastic, just kept in a square, dry cardboard box. To revive them, each piece is watered under the tap then wrapped in plastic. 20 mins later the Lefse is soft and can be eaten. The most usual topping are just butter or butter with cinnamon sugar. They are spread on the Lefse which is then folded and cut into squares. Nugatti (a type of Norwegian Nutella) is another spread used, and so is jam and cream. However, Lefse can be eaten as a savory meal too. Herring and eggs, pølse (Norwegian sausage) or hot dogs, salmon, liver paste, cottage cheese and mayo are commonly used with Lefse

There are 10 dried lefse per box.


Flour, water, sugar, margarine (rapeseed oil, fully hardened coconut canola oil, water, coconut oil, salt, emulsifier (monoglycerides of fatty acids), dye (carotene), flavor), leavening agent (ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda), buttermilk powder (milk) salt.


To use: take one out of the box, rinse under water (tap or salt water), wrap in a damp towel and put in a zip-lock for 20 minutes. This re-hydrates the lefse to a bread like consistency. Product of Norway. 

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