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Alcoholic, for ages 21 and over

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ABV:  9.6%   IBU:  56


IPA with Bamboo Shoots, Toasted Rice and Dry Hopped w/ Akoya & Styrian Dragons

Stories have reported to this torture to have been in use in China, India and Japan.
A civilian traveler from Madras had referred its use as a well known punishment in Ceylon, Malays alleged the Siamese used the nipah palm sprout in the same method during the 1821 invasion of Kedah. Allied POW’s during WWII have also circulated these stories witnessing other prisoners succumbing to their fate also as a tool of psychological torture.

The growth rate of bamboo at 2.91 ft/day or 1.5 inches/hr and the ability to puncture through asphalt is what gives this torture with minimal historic evidence such viability.

Securing the victim horizontally over young bamboo shoots, the sharp tipped sprouts would slowly puncture the skin with any minimal movements causing excruciating pain. As hours ticked by, the fast growth would impale the persons back, then completely pierce through the body. Taking several days to die from internal bleeding and blood loss, paired with the mental anguish of watching foreign life puncture through your being!

Ripe kiwi, honeydew & yuzu aromatics, mochi mouthfeel, sweet passion fruit, cantaloupe, lychee candy, soft citrus, green tea, balancing peppercorn finish.

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Imperial IPA
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