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Alcoholic, for ages 21 and over


ABV:  11%   IBU:  --


A beer/wine hybrid that features the terroir of the Walla Walla Valley. Available in both still and carbonated bottles. All naturally fermented.

Beer, like wine, was historically and inextricably linked to a time and place. From the barley & hop fields to the brewery conditions to the airborne microflora, terroir was an integral component of all beer’s character and flavors.

The Bounty Series is our testament to this history. Using wine grapes as the catalyst, these beers are carefully crafted using only singularly sourced ingredients. For 2019, Walla Walla-grown genie barley and hard red wheat malts were fermented alongside Walla Walla AVA Les Collines tempranillo grapes. The fermentation solely conducted by the regional yeasts that found a home on the grape skins themselves. Walla Walla Wild - a local hop varietal whose cultivation in the region predates prohibition - is also used for both balance and microbiological stability.

Bounty 2019 is to be paired as you would a European Syrah or a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. The tempranillo sharpness is delightfully tempered by the barley and wheat malts, creating a velvety concoction that unctuously satisfies while remaining refreshing. Notes of melon, balancing tannins, and an interplay between fruitiness and oaky vanillin reminiscent of blackberry cobbler.

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