meica-responsive-teaser-startseite-qualitaet.jpgMeica Wieners are made from the finest pork and are particularly crunchy the way Europeans prefer sausages. Viennese sausages from Meica are a crisp German specialty with interesting history: around 1800, a Frankfurt butcher settled in Vienna. His good, crispy sausages soon became famous among the gourmets of the city. Since then, this crisp specialty has been called "Viennese" all over the world!

Meicas Frankfurter sausages are made according to their original recipe with a strong spice mixture giving them their unmistakably spicy flavor. 

Meica Bockwurst are particularly juicy and extra crunchy.

Mini Wini are the great sausage fun for kids. Because they are made exactly according to the taste of children: extra mild, extra fine and extra small. Of course we pay special attention to the highest quality at Mini Wini. Mini Wini are produced only from best meat with special care and tested several times.

Can be eaten cold or to warm- grill, fry or heat in a water bath until warm.  They can be frozen in a freezer bag for up to 3 months.