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Cream Banana was launched in 1957 and has seen similarly out since. The chocolate has a layer of jelly and a layer of banana cream covered with delicious chocolate.

Cream Banana packed is still on the original machine, which was bought just to pack 'chocolate with bend on' in 1957. The machine is by far the oldest still in use in Nidar factory in Trondheim.

When chocolate was launched in 1957 took place under the name Banana Cream. The chocolate was described as in Chokoladebladet from 1957:

'Banana Cream is a good chocolate with a nice, soft cream in the popular 25 penny price point'.


Sugar, glucose syrup, water, dry milk, cocoa butter, humectant (sorbitol, invertase), cocoa mass, acid (citric acid), gelling agent (agar), emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E471), salt, preservative (E202), colorings (E100, E120, E160a), and aromas.


Protect from heat. 


Nidar was established in 1912 as a trøndersk business. In 2012 celebrated Nidar its 100th anniversary.

In 2013 sent Nidar up with Kim and Sætre in and is part of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norway, which has strong positions in candy, crackers and snacks in the Norwegian market.

Nidar is our umbrella brand in the chocolate and other confectionery. Despite known and beloved products, which many people find that almost always have been there, the focus is also constantly on the renovation and development of new sweets. This occurs at Nidar factory in Trondheim.

Nidar products include everything from chocolate, confectionery and marzipan, jelly babies, caramels, liquorice and lozenges.

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