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Prästost 'priest cheese', sometimes spelled prastost or prestost) is a Swedish cheese with historical roots in Sweden's one-time custom of paying tithes with agricultural goods including milk.[1] It was common for the church to make cheese from this milk from the 16th though 19th centuries. Today, this style of cheese once produced in churches across Sweden is factory-made from pasteurized cow's milk.

Prästostis sometimes soaked or cured in whiskey or other spirits; Saaland Pfarr is one such whiskey-soaked variant.[2] A version of prästost aged for 12 months and cured in Absolut vodka has been marketed as VODCheese.[3] A 1969 USDA booklet describes the manufacturing technique for one whiskey-cured style of prästost:

Fresh, whole milk is set with rennet at a temperature of 90° F. When the curd is very firm, it is cut coarsely, then put in a sieve to allow the whey to drain off.The curd is collected in a cloth and kneaded to expel more whey. Whisky is mixed with the curd, then the curd is packed in a basket and salt is sprinkled on the surface. Curing is done in a cool, moist cellar. The cloth covering is changed daily for 3 days, and the cheese is washed with whiskey after the third day.


Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, starter culture, rennet. 


Keep Refrigerated.

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