Our range of bakery items spans from the moist and luscious almond filled pastries of Holland, convenient sponge layers for easy custard and fruit tarts and refined liquor drenched cakes from Germany to the steamed Pilgrim Bread of the US. The best thing about these desserts- if you can keep from eating them- is that you will always have a quick nosh for a coffee klatch with friends or an easy dessert for a sudden sweet tooth.

Aviateur Almond Filled Spice Cake

Aviateur Almond Rounds


Baked beans and brown bread are a traditional New England Saturday-night supper. Baked beans originally had their start with the Pilgrims, when cooking on the Sabbath was prohibited. The Puritans would be busy baking beans in brick ovens on Saturday, to be eaten piping hot with steamed brown bread that evening. The remains were left in the oven where they were still warm when the family returned from church Sunday morning, ready for breakfast. B&M 

Dutch Bakery Marzipan Cakes:  DUTCH BAKERY MARZIPAN CAKES 200g

Delicious little cakes surrounded by a Marzipan layer on both sides dipped in chocolate. Impossible to eat only one!

INGREDIENTS:  Sugar, vegetable fat, wheat flour, wheat starch, glucose syrup, ground apricot pits, soy flour, low fat cocoa power, emulsifier (leavening agent, flavoring, color/annatto).

DIRECTIONS:  Protect from heat.

Bolletje Honey Cake:  BOLLETJE HONEY CAKE 400g

A great breakfast is honey cake and butter or cream cheese.

Edeka Bourbon-Vanille Waffeln:  EDEKA BOURBON VANILLA WAFFLE 3-PK

Delicious baked waffles with 8% pure butter. Each waffle has 6 small hearts (heart shape) and is sprinkled with powdered sugar.

INGREDIENTS:  Sugar, eggs, wheat flour, vegetable fat, 8% butter, dextrose, soy flour, whey powder, salt, natural Bourbon vanilla flavoring, emulsifier: lecithin (contains soy).

Modderman Friesian Ginger Cake:  MODDERMAN FRIESIAN GINGER CAKE 500g

A great breakfast is Friesian Ginger Cake and butter or cream cheese.