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FRONTIER NATURAL PRODUCTS CO-OP WHOLE GREEN CARDAMOM PODS, UNBLEACHED, NON IRRADIATED, KOSHER, GREEN CARDAMOM PODS One ounce of Cardamom Pods is approximately 200 pods. Each Green Cardamom Pod holds 5-12 seeds and it takes about 10 pods to produce one teaspoon of ground cardamom. Packed and sold by the 1 ounce bag. Certified Organic. Using Freshly opened Cardamom pods ensures the best flavor in your baked items. For homemade Chai try adding freshly cracked Cardamon pods, they are also a great addition to hot Teas and other winter beverages. Cardamom is available in several forms. The seed-containing capsules are sold as green or bleached pods, and the seed is sold without the pod (decorticated) in whole or ground form. Botanical name: Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton . Prized by Indian, Scandinavian, and Middle Eastern cooks, cardamom has a sweet, warm taste and an exotic floral aroma. Its uses span the culinary spectrum--from beverages and delicate desserts to meats and curries.
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