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Lambic beers are famous for wild fermention. Instead of adding a special yeast, some brewers in leave the unfermented beer open to the elements. Wild strains of yeast and other microorganisms will then seed the liquid. The wort is pumped into old oak barrels where the fermentation can start. The spontaneous fermentation by altogether some eighty-six different microorganisms, followed by the maturation in oak barrels, gives the beer its unique taste and flavor. Kriek is fermented with 70 kg of Scarenbecca (wild Belgian sour cherries) per 600L barrel. After blending, it's bottled, corked and stored in the cellar for secondary fermentation for over one year. After the blending, the kriek is bottled, unfiltered and unpasteurized, and bottle conditioned in the cellar for over one year.  


Pickled Eggs, Beans, Asparagas, Cucumbers, Pâté with Cornichons, Cerviche with Avacodo, Raclette with Pickled Onions and Caper Berries, Ham and Endive Gratin, Carbonade Flamande, Roast Chicken, Seared Salmon Fillets


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Fruit Lambic
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